Peruvian Paso Fino 2 Different Horses T-shirts

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Peruvian Paso Fino 2 Different Horses T-shirts

Address the confusion without saying a word with this Peruvian Paso Fino t-shirt design. How many times have your heard it? “Oh, you have a Peruvian Paso Fino!” WRONG! This design says, “Peruvian Paso Fino – 2 different horses! Just so you know – I ride a Peruvian Paso.” Wear this design on your favorite color and style of tee on your next ride or at your next horse event. Let everyone know that your horse is not a Peruvian Paso Fino but a Peruvian Paso. Do a little educating and have fun at the same time.

This design is available on an assortment of t-shirt styles for the entire family. Here’s our Paso Fino version of this same great design.

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