Fun and Unique Gaited Horse Hitch Covers

Don’t leave an ugly receiver hitch on your car or truck exposed. Cover it up with one of our gaited horse trailer hitch covers. We have hitch cover designs for Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Tennessee Walking Horse, Icelandic Horse, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Spotted Mountain Horse, Gaited Mules and more.

gaited horse and gaited mule trailer hitch covers

To see a full selection of trailer hitch covers with gaited horse designs see:

See a sampling below of available gaited horse and mule hitch covers.

Gaited Mule Receiver Hitch Cover

gaited mule the only way to glide rectangle hitch cover

Show off your love for your gaited mule with this Gaited Mule: the only way to glide receiver hitch cover.

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Proud Owner of a Spotted Saddle Horse Hitch Cover

Proud Owner of a Spotted Saddle Horse Rectangular Hitch Cover

Cover up that ugly receiver hitch with this Proud Owner of a Spotted Horse hitch cover and show off your favorite gaited horse breed at the same time.

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Tennessee Walking Horses Rock! Oval Hitch Cover

Tennessee Walking Horses Rock oval receiver hitch cover

Add this Tennessee Walking Horse hitch cover to your truck to show off your gaited horse passion.

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Peruvian Paso Barrida Hitch Cover

Peruvian Paso Barrida of Champions Receiver Hitch Cover

Our Peruvian Paso Barrida Hitch Cover will let your show off your love of this smooth gaited horse.

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