Gaited Horse Throw Pillows

Browse our Gaited Horse Throw Pillows for home, gift giving, office or any special space. Shop throw pillow designs for Paso Fino, Tennessee Walking Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Peruvian Paso, Spotted Saddle Horse, American Saddlebreds, and more.

We offer our own designs on a couple of different lines of throw pillow products:

  • Custom Gaited Horse throw pillows This selection features decorative and functional throw pillows that are completely customizable. Change the primary background color to match your decor and personalize with your own text and images.
  • Gaited Horse throw pillows This line features both canvas and microsuede throw pillows in a diverse price range.

Saddlebred Accent Pillows | Saddlebreed Canvas Pillows | Paso Fino Accent Pillows | Paso Fino Throw Pillows

We also bring you gaited horse throw pillows designed by other independent designers. You’ll see those here on our site as well as through provided links.

Below is a sampling of available gaited horse throw pillows.

Saddlebred Custom Accent Pillow

Saddlebred Accent Pillow

Spruce up your decor with this American Saddlebred throw pillow.

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Missouri Fox Trotter Pillow

Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Accent Pillow Decor

Printed from a watercolor painting of a Missouri Fox Trotting horse galloping through the meadow.

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Paso Finos – Personalize It Throw Pillow

Paso Fino throw pillow to personalize to match your decor

Paso Finos – Personalize It Throw Pillow tagged with: azgaitedhorses, paso fino, personalize, pasos, personalized, customize, custom, horse, horses, gaited, ranch, stud, farm Choose this Paso Fino design as is or personalize it with your ranch, stud or farm name, or other text. This Paso Finos t-shirt and gift design will show off your love […]

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Peruvian Paso Equine Ecstasy Canvas Throw Pillow

peruvian paso equine ecstasy canvas throw pillow

Peruvian Paso…Equine Ecstasy (Peruvian Paso Horse in silhouette). Show your love for this unique and wonderful gaited horse, the Peruvian Paso.

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Golden Peruvian Horse Throw Pillow

peruvian horse throw pillow featuring a golden palomino peruvian paso horse design

This unique Peruvian Horse throw pillow looks great in any decor. It makes a great gift for Peruvian Paso Horse lovers.

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Paso Fino Silhouette Throw Pillow

Paso Fino Silhouette Throw Pillows

Dress up your home, office, vehicle or any special space with this beautiful Paso Fino silhouette throw pillow.

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Rocky Mountain Horse Throw Pillows

Rocky Mountain Horse decorative and functional throw pillow that says My Rocky Mountain Horse Smooths Out My Day

This Rocky Mountain Horse throw pillow will look great in your home, office, camper, or vehicle.

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Bay Paso Fino American MoJo Throw Pillows

Bay Paso Fino throw pillow

Choose this Bay Paso t-shirt and gift design to show off your love of your favorite gaited horse, the Paso Fino. These Paso pillows make great keepsake gifts for Paso horse lovers.

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