Embroidered Paso Fino Polo Shirt

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Embroidered Paso Fino Shirts

Get this Paso Fino embroidery on 19 different styles of shirts and sweats. Click on the More Info button; look for “Choose your style and color” then “See all” to see the different shirt styles available with this embroidered Paso Fino horse design.

Customize and Personalize It!

This gaited horse design can be customized by you! You can change the thread color of this design to suit you. Choose from over 100 different colors to customize this design for you or a friend. Personalize this Paso Fino shirt with added text. To make these changes before you buy, click the More Info button, then look for the Customize It button on the next page. From there you can use the online designer to make your own custom Paso Fino design.

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