Palomino Paso Fino Heart Scroll Personalized Mouse Pad

in Office, Paso Fino

Paso Fino lovers will love this on their desk at home or at work. You can PERSONALIZE this mouse mat by typing in your name, slogan or gift greeting. The palomino Paso horse artwork shows the horse face on, with the words Paso Fino. It is accompanied by a vintage style floral design. This is all set against a big red heart to show your love for your gaited horse. You can CUSTOMIZE this item by clicking the Customize It button to add text or move the artwork around or resize it. You can also change the black background color to match you decor or favorite color scheme, as well.

Design Idea: Click on the Customize It button. Then add text that says something great about your Paso Fino and make the color of the text suitable to stand out on the black background. Then below it, “add an image” to upload a photo of your horse to accompany it. Place and size both the photo and the text to fit in the open area on the mouse pad.

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