“Horses of the Four Seasons” Mousepad

in Paso Fino

"Horses of the Four Seasons" Mousepad
“Horses of the Four Seasons” Mousepad

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Horses of the Four Seasons was commissioned by my client Joseph from Portugal. Joseph told me of his love for nature and horses and his interest in commissioning a painting representing horses embodying the essence of the four seasons. Joseph has horses of his own but rather than their likeness, he offered me the freedom to depict my own choice of horse models. Joseph had mentioned his love for an olive tree in his yard, and I realized that there was a central theme in the seasons as trees as the most tangible expression of the change of seasons, so I composed the images with one tree of mixed origins, sharing growth in all seasons. I asked Joseph if he wanted any elements to be personal totems or symbols and he requested his totem animal the owl be present, and a druidic symbol called Awen which means “inspiration” or “Essence”.

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