Natural Gaited Morgan Horse Bumper Stickers

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Natural Gaited Morgan Horse Bumper Stickers for your car, truck or horse trailer. Here’s the perfect way to show off your favorite gaited horse breed, the Gaited Morgan. These bumper stickers are great for display on your trailer, car or truck bumper or window, or for just hanging on the wall. Makes a great gift, too!

Natural Gaited Morgan Horse bumper sticker Gotta Glide Gaited Morgans bumper sticker I Love My Gaited Morgan horse bumper sticker
Gaited Morgans bumper sticker for car, truck or trailer Gaited Morgan smooth as glass bumper sticker Natural Gaited Morgan bumper sticker

Size: 10″ x 3″
Available in Opaque (white) or Transparent (clear)
Printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks – means no fading in the sun or bleeding in the rain.

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